Autumn 2021 ☄ Available Now

In Search of Others

Departure I & II Sweater

Everyone you’ve ever known Tshirt

Oh Shit are we gonna die? Tshirt

Interplanetary Boogie Tshirt


Our love letter to the great expanse of the universe. Using simple graphics and punchy colours, this is a journey of intergalactic beings leaving their home planet in search of a new one. From the launch of 'Departure' to the fateful landing of 'Oh shit are we gonna die?'.

While keeping the collection playful and minimal, we pushed our printing capabilities yet again with all designs requiring three colour printing.

Summer 2021 ☼ Discontinued

A Spanking Blue Day

A Spanking Blue Day Tshirt

Sweet Summer Tshirt

A Pocket of Sky Shorts


An ode to the nostalgia of carefree summers. The effortless happiness that comes with warmer days.

This was our first release under the Lossless name, featuring our first three-colour print, as well as our first successful photographic prints (after so many failed attempts). It also features a collaboration with our friend, Gus Macdonald, who wrote a short story to accompany the collection. An excerpt featured on the sleeve of one of the garments, and it also inspired the names of all three pieces. You can read the story here.

Spring 2021 ❀ Discontinued

Late November

White Tea and Lavender Scented Candle


A collaboration with the candle maker (and good friend), Mad For You. Together, we designed a custom-mould cement pot that houses a wooden wick and red candle wax. On the outside, we wrapped the pot with screen-printed and sewn fabric that acts as packaging, as well as a base for the candle to sit on.

The stand-out part of this project was our shoot set we constructed. We really wanted to display the essence of the candle's scent. With the very general direction of ‘will it fit the vibe? We got to work by gathering whatever we could. The setup of the set felt natural, and we absolutely loved the final result.

Winter 2021 ❄ Discontinued

About You

Long Lost, Softly Searching Tshirt

A Past Life Tshirt

Take Comfort Sweater


About You is a lost connection; in the pocket of time where it is raw and most fragile. Our three garments span one possible journey in this time of crisis. ‘Long lost and softly searching’, ‘A Past Life’, and ‘Take Comfort’.

Operating under the name of ‘Lovelies’ initially, this collection was the first ever hand-printed by us. Despite many technical hurdles in learning to screen-print (such as 2-colour printing) we were able to release a jumper and two shirts.