Collections – Lossless
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In Search of Others
Printing Now. Autumn 2021. 5 Garments.
A Spanking Blue Day
Discontinued. Summer 2021. 3 Garments.
Late November
Discontinued. Spring 2021. Scented Candle.
About You
Discontinued. Winter 2021. 3 Garments.

All the collections we’ve ever made. You’ll find the lookbooks for each and what they’re about.

Each one is really special to us. They take a lot of time and effort to come to life, spanning from the time we sit down and discuss early concepts - to its final design, production and lookbook.

We always start by sitting down to discuss what ideas, thoughts and images come to mind. From there, we evolve and shape the ideas - over some serious cups of tea. After several more, the stock is ordered and the designs start to take shape.

Our hope for each collection is that the design, garment and lookbook are all perfectly aligned. Whether we've achieved that or not, that's up for you to decide.